Things Have Changed

Things Have Changed

Things Have Changed is James Benger’s third solo chapbook. Unlike his previous two chaps, Things Have Changed Benger’s first all autobiographical collection. The poems focus on early childhood to early adulthood, and all the joys and tragedies that occur within.

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Everyone’s Alone Tonight

Everyones alone amazon

Everyone’s Alone Tonight is Jason Baldinger’s and James Benger’s second collaboration. Following the success of their previous book, Little Fires Hiding, this new collection continues the themes set forth and follows them into our present social climate. While Little Fires Hiding was a conversation between Pittsburgh and Kansas City, Everyone’s Alone Tonight feels more like a state of the union address from the perspective of the struggling working class.

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The Park

Here it is! My first full-length solo book of poems. You can get a signed copy from me. As usual, I accept PayPal, cash, check, or alcohol. It’s also available from the Kelsay Books store (link in the comments), or at Amazon. If you’ve liked either of my chapbooks or my split books, I think you’ll enjoy this one even more. I can’t wait to see what you think!

The Park

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The Park

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Little Fires Hiding!

little fires

“Jason Baldinger and James Benger’s Little Fires Hiding offers glances into alternate realities, into what might have been, not only for Baldinger and Benger, but the assortment of working class characters who occupy their world. To use a phrase from one of Baldinger’s pieces in the collection, they are birds who’ve contemplated the higher branches of the tree, probably more than a few times. Like many of us, they never quite get there, but their poems do, and like the sunlight, they cast a certain amount of beauty on the respective cities that these these two gifted poets, choose, quite happily, to call home and even though they’re separated by many miles, they come together seamlessly.”

John Dorsey, Author of Damsels in Detroit

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